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I love Anthony’s style of training because he never makes me feel weak. He has great taste of music. Every week we advance more in the exercises. I’ve noticed each client gets a different workout. He customizes each person's profile and helps them advance. I look forward to our training sessions each week. Thank you so much Anthony! 

Diana Khatib, Artist, Creator, & Financial Professional


Over a year ago, I decided that it was time for me to get fit (mentally and physically). I phoned Anthony and booked my session for that week. In the year I’ve regained my fitness and focus on life goals. I also lost weight along the way. Anthony encourages, motivates and believes in each one of his clients. Often times he will team you up with another client so that yall may motivate each other to finish the workouts.  Anthony and I have been fortunate enough to also hang out outside of the gym, so I can attest to him practicing what he preaches about a fit and balanced lifestyle. Thank You Anthony for motivating and pushing me to continue to strive to hit my fitness peak!  

James Dozier, Project Manager - Amazon

Cost: $100/session | $483/month
(Monthly price includes Quarterly Assessment aka "Game Day")

For metro Atlanta residents, StrayFIT’s personalized in-person training program will help you strengthen your body and boost wellness in all areas of your life. One-on-one sessions with Anthony are held at a private studio just inside the perimeter in Sandy Springs. 


Here’s what you can expect:

A mindful lifestyle coaching experience centered around love and balance.

  • Hour-long, one-on-one sessions in a judgment-free private gym.

  • Customized workouts that are designed for your body, lifestyle, and goals.

  • A holistic examination of your values, beliefs, habits, work environment, home life, and social ties that all impact how you’re currently experiencing your life.


Together, we’ll discover the root of your personal challenges and roadblocks and work through them one step at a time. Let’s rewrite the current paradigm of your life and create a lifestyle that helps you experience more abundance, joy, peace, and love.


Past clients have reported that after training with Anthony, they’ve experienced a mindset shift, improved their personal and professional relationships, gained clarity, and lost some weight and stress in the process! 


Ready to tackle your wellness goals together?

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