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I've always had a passion for wellness. While pursuing my B.S. in Chemical Engineering, I decided to go vegan after attending a lecture on plant-based, holistic living. I carried this passion for mindful living into my career as a Design and Process Engineer.

After a decade of working as an Engineer in the Renewable Energy industry, I became interested in changing paths and coaching others on their wellness journeys. I studied at the National Association of Sports Medicine and created StrayFIT in 2012.


Shortly after that, I was introduced to the person who would become my mentor: a personal trainer named Day Adeogba. Day is the founder and creator of the "YourDay Balance Game," a coaching method that has shaped my mindful approach to training. When he and I met, we clicked instantly. I had an instinctive sense that he would become a valuable source of knowledge and support as I developed myself as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. Day continues to be powerful a "space holder" and has been a major supporter for people in the YourDay community.


Over the years, thanks to word of mouth from satisfied clients, StrayFIT has grown tremendously. I'm fortunate to work with clients from all walks of life around the world - people just like you, who know they could be happier and healthier but aren't sure quite how to get there.

At StrayFIT, we take a mindful and holistic approach to fitness. You won't just see physical results; you'll also see results in your personal life, your emotional well-being, your lifestyle, and your relationships.

StrayFIT offers virtual coaching anywhere in the world, in-person training in Atlanta, and corporate workshops and speaking engagements. Let's work through whatever is keeping you "stuck" and create the best version of yourself, together.


Are you ready?



Breath | Aqua | Lengthen | Anaerobic | Nutrition | Cleanse | Energize

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance.  The B.A.L.A.N.C.E. acronym is an easy way to remember the positive habits that lead to a balanced lifestyle. We'll refer to this acronym time and time again throughout our time together.


Download the Balanced Wellness Guide to learn more and complete daily challenges toward a more balanced life!



Bill Jamison, Co-Founder of Jamison & Co. Real Estate

"I have been coaching with Anthony for 4 years! And it has been amazing. With Anthony's guidance, I have made so many incredible shifts in my life. From being obese to being lean - I have been averaging 12% body fat for the last couple of years. Anthony has a very balanced approach to health and fitness, choosing to look at one's entire lifestyle and not just at how fast you run a mile or how much weight you bench press. He has an incredible gift of insight and intuition that makes him a very valuable coach in my life. I can't say enough about him - he really is the best."

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