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"Stray From The Norm-1 on 1 Coaching

So what is  “Stray From The Norm” ?


A mindful lifestyle coaching experience for your health,fitness,and wellness centered around love and balance. 


The “Stray From The Norm” coaching experience is where you get an opportunity to explore yourself in ways that can be seen contrary to the norm aka “a stray from the norm”. What this looks like is unpacking and becoming aware of what is at the root of your personal challenges or roadblocks. An examination of values, beliefs, social environments (work, family, friends), and personal conversations around life that play an impact on how you are currently experiencing your life. 


Together we will rewrite the current program (paradigm) of your life to one that serves you in experiencing more abundance, joy, peace, and love that all of us can and will experience in this life.

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