One-On-One Virtual Life Coaching

With StrayFIT’s one-on-one virtual coaching, you can transform your body, lifestyle, and mindset from anywhere in the world! During this  coaching journey, we’ll identify where you’re “stuck” and develop a plan for you to create and maintain healthy habits for your body and mind.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • A mindful lifestyle coaching experience centered around love and balance.

  • Weekly, hour-long video chat sessions (or phone call - your choice!) with Anthony to provide guidance and accountability.

  • A holistic examination of your values, beliefs, habits, work environment, home life, and social ties that all impact how you’re currently experiencing your life.

  • Weekly homework that you’ll actually look forward to completing -  including embodiment activities (physical movements), mindfulness sessions, gratitude journaling, and more.

  • Community support 


Areas of coverage


Ratings of your life: physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual 


Values - time, energy, and resources


Norms - what’s normalized in your life


Beliefs - what we believe is true based on our current paradigm or outlook on life




Personal Mission Statement


Reframing thoughts and emotions


Gratitude Journal


Magic Journal


Vision Board



Together, we’ll discover the root of your personal challenges and roadblocks and work through them one step at a time. Let’s rewrite the current paradigm of your life and create a lifestyle that helps you experience more abundance, joy, peace, and love.


Past clients have reported that after coaching with me, they’ve experienced a mindset shift, improved their personal and professional relationships, gained clarity, and lost some weight and stress in the process! 

Ready to tackle your wellness goals together?