12-Week One-On-One Virtual Coaching

With StrayFIT’s one-on-one virtual coaching, you can transform your body, lifestyle, and mindset from anywhere in the world! During this 12-week journey, we’ll identify where you’re “stuck” and develop a plan for you to create and maintain healthy habits for your body and mind.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • A mindful lifestyle coaching experience centered around love and balance.

  • Weekly, hour-long video chat sessions (or phone call - your choice!) with Anthony to provide guidance and accountability.

  • A holistic examination of your values, beliefs, habits, work environment, home life, and social ties that all impact how you’re currently experiencing your life.

  • Weekly homework that you’ll actually look forward to completing -  including physical challenges, mindfulness sessions, gratitude journaling, and more.

  • Community support 


Together, we’ll discover the root of your personal challenges and roadblocks and work through them one step at a time. Let’s rewrite the current paradigm of your life and create a lifestyle that helps you experience more abundance, joy, peace, and love.


Past clients have reported that after the 12-week program, they’ve experienced a mindset shift, improved their personal and professional relationships, gained clarity, and lost some weight and stress in the process! 

Ready to tackle your wellness goals together?

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